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American Idols

People often ask me

“Who does King Craig James look up to? Who do I “follow”. Who inspires me? “

These are questions I want to take a moment to answer. Perhaps.. Some of my answers may surprise you. I won’t list them in any particular order, but I will make a very vague attempt to explain why. Here are some of King Craig James… “American Idols”

Jesus Christ.

“Love your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you” Yeah, I will admit it.. Jesus is my rock. In fact, the name “CRAIG” is derived from the word Crag.. which means; “rocky cliff”. As far as the rest of my name.. Well.. A story, that pretty well sums up my life. So why do I choose Jesus? Well.. It would be easy to say that I am often persecuted for nonsense. However, most of you already know that. The next easy answer would be that “He died for our sins” which was honorable, but people are still being persecuted.. So.. Not my top answer.

I like to think of the Bible as life’s instruction book. Perhaps it’s a lesson plan for humanity. The more we read it, and understand it, the more accurate it becomes. My question is this.. How is that even possible? Why are all the stories in a book “so old” so applicable in todays world? The answers are out there. You just have to find them.

I find it fascinating that we live in a time where many biblical prophecies seem to be lining up, and coming true. A lot of people out there are saying that biblical verses are changing.. Due to what they call the “Mandela effect” Perhaps the book never “died”… Perhaps it’s constantly being re-written.. No matter what you believe.. One thing is certain.. Jesus is the star of the show. A show that even KCJ pays attention to.

Donald Trump.

“Make America Great Again” Who wouldn’t want to live the BOSS life of Donald J Trump? I mean come on.. Have you seen his house? 24k GOLD everything.. I admire him for his leadership, accomplishments, and the way he keeps his word. I may not always agree with him on everything he says.. However, I think we are fortunate to have a man like this running our nation, fulfilling prophecies, and bringing the spirit of America BACK.

Elon Musk.

“40 years ago we had pong, we now stream photo realistic games at a global scale.. If this trend continues.. There is a 1 in a billion chance that we DONT live in a matrix simulation. These are powerful words coming from a man who invented a “secure” way to pay for things online. A man who is currently launching rockets into space, and designing some really amazing cars.. The question is.. How could you NOT idolize Elon Musk.

Nicola Tesla.

“If we understand the numbers 3,6,9, we hold in our hand.. The key to the universe” I think of this man as a hidden version of Einstein. A lot of conspiracy floats around the name “Tesla”. A man who once designed a device that could provide the world with FREE electricity.. What an amazing idea.. That’s one way he earned his way into the KCJ list of idols. The rest is up to you to discover.

Final Words

These are only just a few. In fact, let’s just call it a Top 4. I wanted to add some of my family members, and perhaps even Jacqueline.. However.. I just wanted to put this out there for the many people who want to know who I look up to as far as influential figures that all of us know.

Real Simple Syndication

If you don’t know by now. King Craig James has it’s own way of doing things. Whether its music, blogs, podcasts, merchandise, and 3d. The brand is constantly growing. We have some exciting news.


After recording the 10th episode of the “podcast” I have decided that the show will DEFINITELY continue.

In fact, I am pleased to announce that the “podcast” will be available on APPLE, ALEXA, and TUNEIN later this week. The show has been submitted, and we are literally waiting for it to arrive. Until then, please subscribe using these links below.

The schedule is TBD, but I have been tossing around the idea of releasing them every Monday. Perhaps that can brighten up everyones work week just a little.

You can subscribe using apps like “TuneIn” “Feedly” or “Newsify”. If you have an Apple device, it should automatically load under the “Podcast” area of iTunes.


So who is Jacqueline? She’s my co-host, co-worker, and just about co-everything. I met her in October of 2017, and later discovered that she was one of the most unique people I have ever met. She’s a polish eskimo. A huge contribution to the the podcast. She’s one amazing co-host.

As far as podcasting goes. I have had the idea floating around for a while. I was surprised to discover that Jacqueline wanted to help out, and be a part of it. Shortly after that, episode 1 was recorded. We have since then recorded 10 episodes. We are now beginning season 2.

Have you heard it? If you haven’t heard the “podcast” I suggest you have a listen ASAP. We have a lot of fun doing them, and we are certain you will have a lot of fun tuning in. Check them out HERE.

Darkness 2018

Coming in November 2018.

“Darkness”, is a 5 track album by the one and only King Craig James.

“Darkness”, is a 5 track album by the one and only King Craig James.

This was the former “Darkness” album cover.

This was the former “Darkness” album cover.

People have been asking me for two years to release an album. So I am pleased to announce that on 10.10.2o18 (Tomorrow). I have an album that will make its way to stores by November. That album is called, “Darkness”. So what’s it about?

The album is only 5 tracks long, but it’s very amusing. With titles like “The one I let go”, “Cant be found”, “Fuck em”, and “Dear Daddy”. You will be delighted to hear the latest from KCJ. All this week, I will be posting the tracks around the website for FREE listening. In fact, Here’s one of them.

Some of you out there may have heard some of the songs before. I have a few of them on YOUTUBE, and some on the BANDCAMP APP.. I have just decided to compile them and push an album out there before the year ends. That way I can focus on something new for next year. I wasn’t originally expecting to release these songs. I put a lot of thought into it, and decided that releasing this music would probably be good for me. These songs are fun, sad, amusing, and personal. I will fill you in when the album distribution is final. Stay tuned.

What (the world) is missing

King Craig James & Lyvvi. I want to share a couple songs that I recorded with a girl named Lyvvi last year. The world may never hear these songs because her and I just couldn’t see eye to eye on a few things. I think it’s really a shame. From time to time, I go back and listen to them and I feel like there’s nothing I can really do about it at this point. Except.. Well.. Write about it. Yeah, I have thought about reaching out to her.. but it was just a thought.

I found Lyvvi on YOUTUBE and (needless to say) we ended up meeting in person and recording these two songs. I had originally intended on putting them on my next album, but I think she had her own vision for them. I removed my plans to promote her as an artist, but I still think the world should hear what she’s capable of. These songs have helped me get through a lot. I think what’s more important, is that they can help YOU through a lot. So have a listen.

GPTempDownload 9.jpg

I just want to say that this was my first time recording with somebody who probably has more talent than me. Lyvvi wrote these songs, the originals can be found on YOUTUBE if you click those links. I came along and added to them. I added a verse, and I helped with the production, and did some back up vocals. She would say they are her songs, but I look at them as our songs. I think that’s where things got a little complicated and I decided to just cancel my plans to include them from the album. Unfortunately, I lost a friend, and future girlfriend over it as well.

The problem with all that, is that I have two really good songs that I think the world really needs to hear. They are inspiring. I was so upset about it, that I cut off communication with her completely. I don’t think she deserved the way I treated her, but she certainly deserves credit where credit is due.

So I just wanted to show the world what happens when two people, with incredible talent step into the King Craig James studio and make magic happen. I hope you like it. Lyvvi, if you’re out there reading this. I am really glad we met, and I am so glad we were able to do these songs. I hope someday we can re-unite again. My door is open to you. I miss you. Until then, I hope you are still making music. You are amazing. More importantly. We are amazing. Enjoy everyone.