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Klowhn Law

My last blog was all about how scammers attempt to collect information, and sue over a false debt. So, I thought I would write about the culture of Klohns Law Firm. After all, the knowledge is public, and available. So what is it like to work for a bunch of Klohwns?

Well.. The employee reviews are just as bad as the customer’s. A whole lot of 1 stars across the board. So how about some Klown Law testimonials? Gosh I feel sorry for these people.

“If you are desperate for a job, and I mean desperate, then apply with Klohn. If not, keep looking” - Former Employee (Legal Assistant)


Working for Kohn means turning your brain off and
going into robot-mode. You really don't have to think much to work here (and your manager doesn't want you to either). Management at Kohn just wants you to sit at your desk and *constantly* churn out work. They actually discourage you from talking to your co-workers (seriously). You will get talked to for "chatter on the floor," if you continue to do the innately.

“It’s not a law firm, it’s a factory” - Former Employee (Litigation Paralegal)


“They assign paralegals 60 hours worth of work, then ride them when it isn't done in 40. Practically no training is provided, they throw you into the deep end of the pool expect you to immediately master all things KLF. Terrible coworkers, every covers their own behind”

“Don't work here if you have a pulse” Current Employee (Legal Assistant)


“Poor training, intense micro management, bigoted staff

An employee had really bad cancer and had to take a significant amount of time off. When she returned, a number of co-workers set up a Go-Fund-Me for her because that's the age that we live in. It was posted on the law firm blog and almost no one donated to it and ZERO attorneys or shareholders donated to it. It was absolutely pitiful. Many of the shareholder attorneys, ONE in particular, are racist and sexist. There is one female shareholder and it's known around the firm that she is treated like complete garbage by the male shareholder attorneys and the rest of the attorneys. There is 1 Black attorney in the entire firm and she keeps to herself. You never see her out and talking to the other attorneys. There are ZERO Black managers despite the staff being very diverse. Outgoing attorneys told staff they wouldn't believe how bad the other attorneys treat people. Attorneys and some staff (mostly in collections) openly mock debtors with "ethnic" names or accents. And one has to wonder how they can expect to be treated fairly.

Oh, and if you're a debtor and poor, which are the vast majority of people the firm takes judgment against, prepare to be royally screwed.”


“Dont do it” - Former Employee (Legal Secretary)

“All the prior comments about this place is true please keep looking if you want employment and to be well trained.this is not the place.”

Now we can see the whole picture. These are the kind of people that make me sick to my stomach. I am not sure why businesses like this exist, but it’s just another example of the corruption this world has to offer. I rest my case.