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34 years ago...


On September 17th, 1985.. The birth of King Craig James (Gliszinski) was taking place. I arrived here at 7:07 P.M. (central standard time) The rest.. Was history… Today, I want to take a moment.. To celebrate my life, my past, and my future. I will begin.. With a slideshow. These are some of my FAVORITE memories.

About ME

People always ask me… Tell me about yourself.. Well… There’s a lot to know. Where should I begin? Haven’t you already judged me based on my twitter, website, music etc? I mean who cares really? Perhaps I work so much, I don’t think about MYSELF very often.. I am too busy providing content.. To people just like YOU.

Ok.. So I am a musical artist at heart, I love to write, I enjoy good food, and making friends all over the world. I love posting content, photography, and random tweets. I am a kind, loving, and caring person that probably smokes too many cigarettes, and drinks too much coffee, and monster. Yes, people treat me like a true king, and even address me as one. Though, I would prefer to be known as more of a leader, inspiration, and friend to all. I am all about being my best, and bringing out the greatness in others. That’s KING.

My Brand

My brand, is YOUR brand. These photos above.. Tell just a fraction of my life story. They feature some of the people I have loved the most. I want to take the time to celebrate the connections we have made. Especially… Ms. Jacqueline Jeanette. She has been the star of my show for the past 2 years. Without her, the Crown Cast radio show would be very, very boring. So would my life. I may be sandboxed for life on TWITTER, and disconnected from FACEBOOK, but I have about 5k on my LINKEDIN, and they are ALL GREAT people. I have already recieved MANY birthday wishes.. and the day is just beginning.. Thank you all.

Thanks to the loyalty, support, and best wishes of my friends, family, fans, and listeners… King Craig James is becoming a household name.. From one end of the world, to the other.. People recognize the KCJ brand. The ones that believed in me, are all right here. The ones that cheer me on, are all out there. So join me on TWITTER, and LINKEDIN, and start COMMENTING, LIKING, and SUBSCRIBING… even REVIEWING the King Craig James brand… Show the world where YOU stand… Show them what LOYALTY means.



These are just some of the skills that can be found searching “King Craig James” on the ALEXA APP.. Yeah, we have conquered A.I. and we don’t care if they’re always listening.. We’re that good.

King Craig James
Craig J. Gliszinski
King Craig James Tweets
Craig J. Gliszinski


King Craig James music can be found in EVERY major STREAMING app in the WORLD.. Yes, even in languages I can barely speak.. That’s the power of King Craig James MUSIC.. Thanks to the many listeners out there keeping the original music playing.

Darkness [Explicit]
King Craig James

This may seem like a lot… However, These are just some of the products that have been created in the past 15 years.. King Craig James is only beginning.. We have a long way to go. I just wanted to take this special day to celebrate the fact that the website is STRONG, the crown cast is STRONG, the music is STRONG, the brand is STRONG…

Happy Birthday

King Craig James!!!

From the creator… Craig J. Gliszinski.

Google "Posts"

Did you know?

#KingCraigJames is listed on google… Both as a BRAND, and as a MUSICAL ARTIST. So what does that mean for you? More importantly.. What does that mean for newcomers?

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 1.47.02 AM.png

I’ll explain. Perhaps you have noticed something seems a little different about the (already impressive) presence of King Craig James on Google. Yeah, it’s great. While it’s informative.. it wasn’t exactly… “LIVE” or “Complete” until… NOW.. Here you go.. Have a look at the “Brand” version. Tap or Click HERE. Google has implemented a “FB” style status update feature for Businesses, Brands, Musical Artists, etc.. So.. on the “BRAND” version.. I keep mine pretty straight forward, and very professional.

The musical artist.. Well.. I keep that a bit more interesting, personal, and FUN.. After all, that’s what the music is all about right? Tap or Click HERE to check it out. So why do I need two? Well.. I don’t.. However, you will find that I have multiples of pretty much everything. For example.. I just found out that I am in a new music store.. The music store is called, “Down in the valley” My point is… I now have a few places (besides the website) to post some “social media” style updates. I am currently doing so, enjoy it.