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Goodbye iTunes

iTunes has been around since January 9th 2001. At the time, it was the greatest innovation Apple had to offer to accompany those wonderful iPods.. Starting in October 2019, we will be wishing iTunes our last farewell. Why? Well.. It’s simple.. The way people listen to music has changed, and Apple knows it. So their focus will be on Apple Music. The question is.. How does Mr. King Craig James feel about this? Splendid.

I must say, I am surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. I have my music in both iTunes, and Apple Music… I am thrilled to see the iTunes depart.. It’s actually become a weak link for apple. Besides, it never made much sense to keep syncing our devices with iTunes.. We held on to this platform for far too long. I am truly glad to see it depart this coming October. From what I have gathered… Apple will be chopping up iTunes into 3 separate apps.. Apple TV, Podcasts, and Music.. Which is perfect..

I am also located in the “podcast” section.. I wonder if I can find my way onto the Apple TV? Hmm.. Perhaps I should film a movie? That would be interesting.. I am running out of things to take over in the virtual world.. Perhaps I should invade Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, and Prime Video? Yeah, I will add that to my bucket list. I would also like to release an e-book soon.. I have a lot of projects on the back burner, but for now… I will take those little steps to accomplish those BIG goals.. Anyways, I just wanted to say… Farewell iTunes.. Your fight is over.