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The action or process of writing in shorthand or taking DICKtation
— King Craig James

Thanks to my trusted reviews out there, many of you have been reaching out to me asking for advice about how to handle scam law firms, and debt collectors who violate laws, and our rights on a daily basis. Trust me, it’s worse then you think.. I had a chance to watch them all in action.


First, I just want to say. That my summons went exactly as I expected it to go. A bunch of shady lawyers showed up with a bunch of empty briefcases looking just as nervous as the people getting sued. The “Judge” was actually just a “commissioner” and he himself… I learned.. Was a former (very shady) and (very bad reviewed lawyer) himself. I would like to have a “crown cast” debate on who’s reviews are worse… The Commissioner’s or Klown law firm. After watching what was clearly a group of lawyer friends taking advantage of people who a) Didn’t show up, or b) “settled” out of court… (But still probably getting sued)… Anyways.. I sat and waited while (roughly) 150 default “no show” judgements were granted. The lawyers played a game of musical chairs, and basically filled in for each other asking for the Judgements. I must say, I am deeply saddened by how sick, and twisted these people truly are. I want everyone to take a moment to understand the difference between a JUDGE and a COMMISSIONER.. This is very important. Google it.


When my case was called, “Jennifer” the one “suing me” (according to my paperwork) was no where to be found. Instead, an arrogant, emotionless, and mildly obese guy sat across from me representing “his client”. Clearly, every single “plaintiff” in the building… Was well acquainted with the “commissioner”. It’s clear to me that this shady circus is literally more of a “default judgement” scam. Basically, they just bank on the fact that people don’t show up, so they can file a “default judgement” which can lead to them garnishing wages, seizing accounts, and more. I find it dishonest, unjust, and sickening. Especially, when I am a victim of identity theft, and I am being forced to “prove” something, I know virtually nothing about. Wow.. The good news is this. I will still win.


So what makes me so confident? Well. it’s simple.. I am taking the time, and effort, to fight back. I know the odds are against me (in the short term) considering a few. key facts.. The person suing me wasn’t even there, and yet… There’s (somehow) still a case… (A judge wouldn’t accept that) However, a commissioner just did before my own eyes. I asked (by certified mail) for a discovery of the “evidence” they had proving their case. I received NONE. Again, (that should of been) a dismissed case. (A judge would of granted the motion) So what are my thoughts on all this? Well, I think it’s funny. The longer they drag this out, and waste my time.. The more reviews, reports to the BBB, and time I will have to put these Klowns right in their place. Now that I am certain that my identity was stolen, I have to file reports with the FTC, POLICE, and DISPUTE a bunch of shit these scammers did to me in the background of my life. Which is fine. I back the badge. Plus, I have identity theft protection, and restoration through a very trusted company. I will however, start… By handling things myself. Listen, before you go off and say.. “You’re not suppose to discuss an active case” My answer is this.. There is none.

As to the ones who are seeking advice from me. That depends on your particular case. If you owe the debt, just negotiate, or pay it. If your a victim of scam debts, fraud, or identity theft.. Fight it. Even if you have to go to trial. Make them PROVE IT.  I have faith in our judicial system. I think they will have a very difficult time proving their case. That’s my intention. You are welcome to contact me. I can likely answer most questions. I am more than happy to help.