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C.C. Division

My.. My.. My.. No.. I am not stuttering.. This is a message dedicated to the scumbag(s) out there who thinks playing with my (and Jacquelines) phones, devices, data, and life is a good idea. I am one step closer to contacting the FBI’s cyber crime division. So if you think it’s funny to mess with Jacqueline and I. You have another thing coming. Her and I are really sick of it. The joke is on you. I back the badge 120 percent.


First and Foremost. You might think it’s funny to make us arrive “late” for appointments… And altering my anticipated texts, emails and such. However, I want to sincerely let you know that you should stand down, or face the consequences. I am really getting tired of people playing with my life via technology. We know that you’re doing it. So if we know, so will a team of experts who can trace everything you’re doing. This isn’t the first time I have addressed you. However, it will be the last.

I guess it’s April now, and the “fools” come out. So I would strongly advise you to stop being so foolish. You’re going to get caught. I have been very nice about it, and now you’re really starting to piss me off. Which is truly not a good thing for you. I have no problem putting cyber criminals in their place. In fact, I think that perhaps it’s time for me to utilize some of my contacts. Do you really think I don’t notice? Are you truly that stupid? Apparently so.

You have two choices. Get a life, or back the fuck down. I will no longer tolerate my devices being hijacked, manipulated, or tampered with. Technology may be YOUR life, and YOUR GOD, but using it to maliciously affect people has dire consequences. So, with that being said. Good luck to you in your future. I have a feeling it will be empty, lonely, and punishable by law.