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Happy Birthday

As many of you know

The internet is nothing more than a gigantic network of computers that are all connected together. The world wide web is what linked information together and made it accessible to everyone. Today is the 30th birthday of the world wide web. Should we celebrate? That depends who you ask. I stand by it’s creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee. “We need to fight against the internet’s hacking, and abuse” and we need to start NOW.

According to Google

The world wide web was invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. The web was designed as a way for scientists to easily share information and data from their experiments. Berners-Lee created the world wide web while he was working for CERN. The same creators of the infamous Hadron Collider. His vision soon went beyond a network for scientists to share information, he wanted the web to be a universal and free way to share knowledge, communicate, and collaborate. I must commend him for this truly inspiring, and innovative idea.

Why am I sharing this? Well.. For starters.. Sir Tim Berners-Lee was just 33 years of age when he invented the technology we all use today. I just so happen to be the same age now, as he was when he invented it. Take a look at the first website ever created here. Ok, Ok, so it’s not as fancy as mine.. However, it’s where the world wide web all began. On April 30th 1993 a document was signed allowing anybody to use the web software without royalties, or other constraints. At the time, I was just 8 years old. Imagine that.


Who would of ever known the internet would also give birth to the dark web, conspiracy, crime, hackers, scammers, malicious code, and perversion. The web has opened the doors for governments to spy on us, lawyers to build cases on us, and identity thieves to steal us. Now, we’ve reached an age where our voice can be cloned using software, and our videos can be “deep faked”. I think we must ask ourselves.. Why does mankind build things only to destroy them? Your guess is as good as mine. This is a pattern we have witnessed and documented since the birth of Jesus. Who knows.. Maybe that’s what’s written on all the cave walls in Egypt. We must also ask ourselves.. Has this quest for truth, and wisdom lead us to truth and wisdom? Or are we flooded with so much (mis) information now… We have no ability to define what truth is? I’ll let you decide.

On the contrary


Who would of ever known the internet would allow humanity to grow so fast? Who would of ever thought technology would come this far? We used to have time to play board games, but no longer have time to check email or texts. Thanks to the internet we can skip commercials, pause, and create our own tv station. We can study, and chat with artificial intelligence. Who would of ever thought a person could ask the lights, microwave, or music to turn on without lifting a finger. Who would of ever known we could watch our pets on ip cameras? Don’t worry.. Posting memes on facebook, twitter updates, hashtags, and emojis are included in that list too.

After 30 years of having this technology we may not be able to live without it. I guess it’s a double edged sword. The question is… What would we do without it? I know one thing.. You wouldn’t be reading this blog if it never happened.. So.. You know where I stand. Although, I agree with Sir Tim Berners-Lee: We need to ‘Stop web’s downward plunge to dysfunctional future’ so we can protect the very principles it was founded on. “Freedom of information, communication, and collaboration”.

So I must say.. Happy 30th Birthday World Wide Web.