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Branding is essential to the success of any business. King Craig James is no exception. So team KCJ has been hard at work customizing those products. When is the best time to do that? Now. When the weather gets chilly. So in this blog, I just want to give you a sneak peak on some of the latest designs about to hit the stores.

Let’s start with some of my favorites. The King Craig James shoes. Yeah, I got a nice scuffed up pair of these not too far from me right now. They have been proven to be comfortable, convenient, and flashy. Everybody asks.. Why do they have a zipper? I would like to answer that deep dark secret right here, and right now. The soles of the shoes actually detach from the top.. Meaning you can change the “SKIN” of the shoes, or design if you have several pairs. Pretty cool huh? One of my favorite products to date.

When it comes to the King Craig James closet.. One product seems to go missing far more then all the others.. By missing.. I mean.. The ladies love to wear these, and never return them.. Who knows, they probably even re-sell them on Ebay.. Do I care? No. I love these shirts, and I usually have plenty of them on hand. I think they go great with the shoes as well.. Although, they definitely draw in a lot of sometimes undesired attention from people. They serve their purpose though. To get people googling, listening, reading, and learning about the King Craig James Empire.

When you are spending over 1k on an iPhone or android device. You might have the clever idea to secure your device. King Craig James has been customizing otter box cases for the past 5 years. We have implemented customization that can’t be matched. So if you are looking to secure your device, and keep it custom.. King Craig James is the place to be.

So those are some of my favorite “best selling” products from the past. What is KCJ working on in the near future? Well.. Once upon a time.. King Craig James used to have embroidered hats, and sweatshirts… We have decided to bring them back for 2020. The product will have the “Skull Crown” logo on the front left of the chest in its final form. The rest of the current design looks like this.

Don’t let this sweatshirt fool you.. This is NOT an INK STAMPED shirt.. This is embroidered, and it will look great for many months, and years after it’s shipped. So.. Are you running your own business? How does it look or appear to others? Is it appealing? I sure hope so. King Craig James has been customizing products since 2007. We are looking forward to helping YOU create YOURS. And if you see what you like, these products are ready to buy. Enjoy.

A little late.. Lately..

I have mixed feelings about “Live” streaming.. I can’t seem to make it in time to do the shows.. That’s ok. I don’t exactly have a dedicated audience just yet. I guess that’s what happens when you are a busy man. Perhaps I just don’t take live streaming as seriously as I should..

I would like to develop a “viewer” audience but at the same time… I think captivating the ears is great with music, the personality of the podcast, and the imagination of the blog.. Who needs another dumb box tv show? Really? TV probably won’t be one of those projects KCJ goes “ALL IN” on.. I have tested the platforms available, and I am severely unimpressed with the capabilities, and possibilities with my current software. However, that could change. I do have the ability to upgrade to the “best production software” and get a “4k” VLOG camera.. The question is.. Do I even want to?


I would like to compare live streaming to being that guy on the corner of every city asking people for change.. After all, isn’t that what they’re doing? Please.. Please.. Like.. and Subscribe… I am not so sure that’s the avenue or route that I want to go with this brand. Although, I am definitely having some fun with the commercials and having Jacqueline as a co-host.

I have to do some serious thinking about whether or not I want to take the whole “LIVE” thing seriously. I think the “live” thing should probably be left to the gamers, and porn bots. The internet is a hell hole.. I guess I am just trying to make the most of it. I enjoy creating content, and producing new things… So.. I will always have new stuff coming.. Jacqueline and I will be decked out in some new KCJ clothing for the holidays, and continuing on to season 6 of the “Crown Cast”..

I was just browsing Amazon and discovered that they implemented some of my finest ideas.. I am looking forward to using some of the newest products this holiday season. I may not work for Amazon anymore, but I am definitely a huge fan of what they are doing in the tech world.

Sorry Apple, I am not impressed with iPhone 11 PRO MAX.. I think I will keep what I got.. Next time, try to be innovative,.. Seriously. This is getting bad. Anyways, I am off to enjoy my day. Take care KCJ universe.. Keep tuning into the greatest brand in the world.

Goodbye iTunes

iTunes has been around since January 9th 2001. At the time, it was the greatest innovation Apple had to offer to accompany those wonderful iPods.. Starting in October 2019, we will be wishing iTunes our last farewell. Why? Well.. It’s simple.. The way people listen to music has changed, and Apple knows it. So their focus will be on Apple Music. The question is.. How does Mr. King Craig James feel about this? Splendid.

I must say, I am surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. I have my music in both iTunes, and Apple Music… I am thrilled to see the iTunes depart.. It’s actually become a weak link for apple. Besides, it never made much sense to keep syncing our devices with iTunes.. We held on to this platform for far too long. I am truly glad to see it depart this coming October. From what I have gathered… Apple will be chopping up iTunes into 3 separate apps.. Apple TV, Podcasts, and Music.. Which is perfect..

I am also located in the “podcast” section.. I wonder if I can find my way onto the Apple TV? Hmm.. Perhaps I should film a movie? That would be interesting.. I am running out of things to take over in the virtual world.. Perhaps I should invade Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, and Prime Video? Yeah, I will add that to my bucket list. I would also like to release an e-book soon.. I have a lot of projects on the back burner, but for now… I will take those little steps to accomplish those BIG goals.. Anyways, I just wanted to say… Farewell iTunes.. Your fight is over.