Ready or not

Here we come!

The infamous King Craig James and Jacqueline are scheduled to do a Crown Cast this weekend. The question is.. Are you ready for it? The “Crown Cast” podcast has gained the attention of 100+ subscribers a day and rising. We just wanted to thank the thousands of listeners out there supporting our show. Be sure to comment, like, subscribe, and rate us on your favorite PODCAST APP..

So what am I currently doing? Well.. I am 3D printing some cigarette cases. Yeah, who said smokers aren’t clever? It’s been a while since I have taken some time to do a fun project so that’s what I am up to. Hey don’t worry. I am also writing this blog. Multi-tasking at its finest. So here’s the big question to you. Are you actually reading the blogs? or Are you having ALEXA read them for you? Check out my skills on the ALEXA skill store!

Last but not least. Everyone out there is probably wondering.. When is “The light” coming to stores. I don’t have an answer just yet.. You may also be wondering.. When are you going to record a new song.. The answer is soon.. So like I said… Are you ready? I sure hope so.. I am delighted to bring you some of the finest content yet. So stay tuned to the King Craig James Brand.