Cinco De Byeo

First, and foremost. I just want to say that EVERYONE who knows Jacqueline and I at all.. Even in the slightest.. Knows.. That we are alive, happy, and well.. In fact, we’re about to finish off the last two episodes of this season’s crown cast. However, you already know that. So check it out later tonight.


Cinco De Mayo is coming up.. Why is that so special? Well.. That will be our last day in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Why? Well.. I think that answer is quite simple. We are CLEARLY being harassed, threatened, and overwhelmingly disrespected by our landlord’s at “Station Hills”, “Kenosha Rental”, “Life Management”.. and whatever phony names they decide to go by in the future. We have discovered that we have made a huge mistake re-locating there almost a year ago. Jacqueline and I couldn’t be more disappointed in them.

I am not going to spend any more time going into detail about them. You are welcome to check out my reviews (and many others) on google, and the better business bureau. We gave them a fair shot, and discovered… People who are speaking out about them on facebook, google, yelp etc.. Weren’t lying. We have decided that they just aren’t worth the time, money, or effort to deal with anymore. So when you’re driving through Kenosha and see that big banner, and signs advertising “free heat” and “no credit checks” and “we speak Spanish” bullshit.. Just know.. You are about to be taken advantage of, disrespected, and are one step closer to being thrown out on the streets. That’s the kind of landlords they are.

Luckily for us. We live in America. We have a great president. We have many, many options. We don’t have to tolerate landlords, employers, or courts stripping us of our dignity. Some of you out there may be stuck in the same place Jacqueline and I were. Perhaps you don’t have the confidence to stand up to these people like we do. You may not be backed by a brand like this with radio shows, music, fans, friends.. However, at the end of the day.. You are still a person. You still have loved ones. You deserve safety, security, and respect from the people around you. When those people fail to deliver that to you.. That’s when it’s time to leave. Starting today.. We are packing, and we are leaving. By Cinco De Mayo, we will be turning in our keys, and our apartment over to the ones scamming the shit out of us.


To the Kenosha PD.. Thank you again for taking the time, and buzzing us in to the station in the middle of the night to speak to Jacqueline and I in regards to your surprise visit. We are aware that you were just following up on a call, and doing your job. We thank you for providing us with the information we need to address our situation. I had no idea that going on vacation for a week or two would lead to them sending certified letters, closing our mailbox, and phoning you in to “check on us”… All without even bothering to pick up a phone and call us, or email us. What a shame. We are very easy to find, locate, and contact. So I just want to thank the many of you out there who do this on a regular basis. That’s what makes team KCJ so powerful.