Remote Controlled Humans

Most of you know that KCJ is not a dummy.. However, Did you know? That in 1997.. A patent was created by Hendricus G. Loos that allows the manipulation of the nervous system through afferent nerves. How? By externally fluctuating electric fields tuned to certain frequencies of course. So what does this mean? Well.. That depends on the frequency chosen and where it’s applied. However, that’s not what I am here to talk about. Especially since a wireless version was created in 2001. Back then, it was the size of a credit card. I am assuming.. It could fit in our phones by now.

So what does this all mean? Well.. depending on the remote frequency chosen.. A wireless signal can be sent to YOUR body to cause relaxation, sleepiness, sexual excitement, or the slowing of certain cortical processes. These physiological effects can be brought about by very weak electric fields produced by compact battery devices with very low current assumption. In other words.. You don’t exactly have to be “plugged in” to the matrix. Signals to invoke your own feelings, emotions, sensations, and energy levels… Can be sent to you.. Similar to WIFI.. Sound like a conspiracy? Well.. It’s not. The patent number for this invention is US6506148B2.

This should raise some serious questions. Who has the capability to manipulate our senses? How much of this are we exposed to? How much control do we have over ourselves? Are we TRULY in the matrix? Well.. With enough research, I am sure you will find the answers. How do I feel about it? Well.. there’s a saying in the Bible.. Love your enemies. What it doesn’t say.. is that an outside source can be the root cause of those enemies in the first place. So next time you hate on someone, and you dont know why.. Perhaps it’s because you’re being fed a stream of electricity to make you feel that way. Science fiction? No. Reality.

So the question is.. What can we do about this? I have no idea. I think that we should be aware of it. We should know that it’s possibly been happening since Y2K.. I think we should do our best to have fun with it. If you’re really ambitious.. You could try to fight it. The problem is.. You may have already lost touch with your true “natural” emotions, feelings, and senses as a human being. You have two choices. Take the blue pill… or the red pill.. Which means.. You may either suffer mentally, or suffer physically. I choose neither. For I will not suffer in the hands of whoever allowed this to be ok in the first place. The answer is Bill Clinton. The scariest part about this is that 99.9 percent of humanity has no idea this is even happening. Why? They either don’t care, or They’re too distracted by nonsense..