Pretend Friends

Have you noticed something strange about facebook lately? Perhaps a family member sending you messages and not seeming like themself? Well.. It’s no secret that FACEBOOK has been hacked, and leaked over 50 million members data. In fact, it’s happened twice. So my question is this. Are you even speaking to the people you believe are your friends and relatives? I doubt it.

Many people have grown to love, and trust internet communication. What they don’t realize, is that its an open door for potential thieves. Yeah, I said it. Thieves, frauds, and desperate people. How do they do this? Well.. They gather up photos from a distant past, and perhaps even find a few new ones. That way, they seem as if they are truly the person you believe them to be. Unfortunately, they are actually mining you for valuable data. Whether its phone numbers, social security numbers, and who knows.. Even bank accounts.

We live in a Matrix simulation. So I just want to remind everyone. Especially around me, that scammers are very prevalent. They are very malicious. They are dangerous. Be careful who you speak to, even if they call you and it “sounds” just like them. We are living in an age where almost ANYTHING can be cloned. So what am I trying to say? Believe in the ones right in front of you. That way, you won’t get scammed by the tricksters looming on the internet.