In a pickle


When I sent out a DISCOVERY request to DISCOVER and KLOWN LAW (over 30 days ago) I wasn’t surprised when the first lawyer didn’t show up, the second one quit the case, and they handed it over to the NEW GUY.. However, I found it a little insulting when they OBJECTED to everything I reasonably asked for… Stating… “because it’s not readily available, or burdensome” I can’t help but wonder… What Discover and KLOWN LAW, is about to Discover.

The question is this.. How can I file an ANSWER to this scam lawsuit if they are OBJECTING to KEY ingredients such as a CONTRACT, AGREEMENT, and PROOF that backs their OWN claims? It sounds to me like they were really hoping I wouldn’t show up.. Well.. Let’s see.. I guess I am compelled to file a MOTION to COMPEL, or DISMISS… For I can not truly ANSWER this burdensome, and not readily available SCAM. So.. With that being said.. You have 8 hours to produce these documents to Mr. King Craig James or I will begin filing motions, and perhaps counter suits of my own. I hope you’re ready to do that.

I have had my fun with you. I am amazed at your stupidity. I was truly hoping we could have a TRIAL.. I have always wanted to represent myself, and WIN. You truly had me in a position to do that. So I don’t blame you for not providing the documents. So all I can say is that I am very disappointed in KLOWN law, Danielle Doctor, and the rest of you zealots. While you have humored me, and have been featured in my blogs, radio show, and probably future songs.. Your stupidity will be known, admired, and joked about for years to come. I am definitely not impressed with your weakness. I am trying to calculate how much time and money you have cost me to deal with your stupidity. Probably about 100 grand. Just a guess..


The funny thing is.. Today, I bought a Powerball ticket. Why? Not so I could actually win. I just had this vision of using every dollar of my potential winnings to pay every single “debt” you scam from people. Then.. to buy your organization, and employ each and every person you victimize… To record each of you cleaning the fecal matter of your law firms rest rooms with your tongues for the rest of your lives. So before this meeting is adjourned.. Just know one thing. I am looking forward to our little meeting tomorrow.

Oh, and one more thing.. I am providing tags that will appear in search results pertaining to this nonsense you subjected ME to.. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in the future. Let’s hope this is the last time I have to waste my time exposing you scumbags.