I can PROUDLY say.

I am just 101 contacts away from hitting 4,000 connections on my LinkedIn. I get an average of 20 new requests per day. What does this mean? Why is this important? It’s not always about what you know. It’s about who you know. I have dedicated a blog to show you the significance of that.

First of all..

NONE of my connections aren’t the guys I used to hang out with back in high school.. Each and every single one of them is an industry professional just like MYSELF. Whether it be Doctors, Lawyers, Musical Artists, Record Producers, CEO’s, Bloggers, Podcasters, and Business owners. My LinkedIn is impressively elite. These are the people I am in CONTACT with EVERY single day. These are the people that I SHARE my content with. These are the people who MATTER the most. (Sorry Facebook, and Twitter)


I have a FACEBOOK.

Though, it’s depressingly empty. Yeah, I know. Shame on me. I never was much of a fan of it. I don’t see eye to eye with its creator. Dark Fuckerburg. Impressed with facebook.. I probably never will be. In fact, I don’t even add “friends” to it. Why? Well.. Remember Tom Anderson from Myspace? Yeah, went that route before. Where is he now? Who knows. Where’s MYSPACE? Poof… Oh.. And you think facebook is any different? Why? Oh.. Right.. it’s publicly traded. Well.. So was all of our data. Wake up.



What’s that? I never really knew much about it. I still dont. However, (Thanks to Donald Trump) I have decided to start Twitter ranting. I also like to be the first to know what he says. I find him as a pretty credible news source. I have also decided to post my rants right on the main page of my website. Why? I have no idea. I only have 14 followers.. Oh, and as far as facebook goes… Yeah, maybe two or 3 followers. So, it’s safe to say that if you’re a social media junkie… YOU and I don’t have much in common.

I am a huge fan of LinkedIn.. These are the professionals that are truly shaping the world we live in. I dont put this in the “social media” category. After all.. It’s a network of professionals. I do know one thing though. Social media is an epidemic. So are all my haters.

King Craig James