Testing.. Testing.. 123



King Craig James universe!!! I have a fun topic that I know you’ll just love to talk about.. My piss. Yeah, I said it.. My piss. Well? What about my piss? I am pretty sure it’s being sent to a lab right now to be scanned for any drugs in my system. However, that’s not exactly what I wanted to talk about. I want to make a public note about how about how inhumane it feels to have someone stand by the door, while I piss in a cup. How degrading. How unclean. How embarrassing.. Well, that’s exactly what I just got done doing today. Why is this so exciting? Well, it’s not. In fact, it was the biggest waste of time I have ever experienced. Though, I am drug free. I know I will pass. I don’t think this kind of nonsense should even be legal. Whether I consent or not.

Have you ever

Had to go for a drug screen… but your body screamed no.. Of course. If you are a human.. You know exactly what it’s like NOT to pee on command like a DOG. Well, that’s pretty much how I felt today. When someone set a timer, handed me a cup, and told me to piss in it. A minute later they asked me to leave the bathroom. I was like woah… Why are they so obsessed with piss? Oh, I get it. This is some kind of R-Kelly test. I know how those musicians piss on everyone. Ok.. So maybe they just want to make sure you’re drug free.. Right? Well. Don’t they have mouth swab tests for that? It’s 2019 why haven’t they developed a more non invasive drug test yet? Listen, I don’t care what the reasoning is behind them. I find them disgusting, intrusive, and inhumane.

3 things

About the medical field really annoy me. First.. Are shots/needles.. Second.. Are when they ask to remove your clothes and put on the robe. Third.. Attempting to urinate in a cup, without the ability to wash my hands, or flush.. Then watching someone handle it. Not to mention.. Hand it to me, so I can feel how warm it is.. Then autograph, and date it. Is this some kind of sick and twisted joke? No.. This is our reality. Humanity allowed this. I guess I wanted to make some light out of a shady situation. I am about to write another blog about another topic that’s just as shady. So.. If you’re still following along.. Check out “Pester Control”