You may have noticed a handy little button arrive at the forefront of the King Craig James Domain. What does this mean? How does it pertain to you? Why should you contribute? How much is necessary? We will leave that one up to YOU. Welcome to our contribution campaign.


On August 23rd 2003.

A vision was born. The idea to write, produce, perform, and record my own song. Just 7 days later… That vision became a reality, and sparked an entire empire. The King Craig James Empire. Since then, that vision has become the very foundation of our success. To keep our NEWS, MUSIC, PODCAST, and MERCHANDISE alive. We need your generous support.

So how does this pertain to you?

Well, for everyone out there who chose NOT to follow your dreams. This message is for you. I want to be living proof that you can reach your goals, accomplish your dreams, and find success. I want to be that boost you need to stop making excuses, and get down to business. Follow me, on this journey we call life. Perhaps you enjoy our blogs, music, or crown cast. This is YOUR chance to re-pay us for our generous work, and contribute to something far greater. A movement lead by King Craig James.


Why should YOU contribute?

Well.. That’s simple. One small investment in us goes a long way. We are constantly being threatened by operating costs, lawsuits, and haters that are desperately trying to disrupt our movement. Help us keep our products available, our content flowing, and our music and radio FREE. We are counting on your contribution to keep this movement going.

How much is necessary?

Well.. How do you put a price on our WEBSITE, NEWS, MUSIC, PODCAST, or MERCHANDISE? That is up to YOU. The more you contribute, the greater the results. We are counting on YOU to keep the King Craig James empire moving forward. So my question to you is this. Can we count on your support?