We live in a dawn of a new era. Online security breaches have become the norm. Why aren’t consumers fighting back? We have lost our data to Equifax, Merriot, Facebook (twice), and now…. Google +….


Did you know your Google PLUS account is scheduled to be shut down on April 2nd 2019? Not like anyone uses it or anything.. but my point is.. One of the TOP internet companies just learned about a breach affecting 50+ MILLION users. They claim that they cant “prove” the info was put into the wrong hands. However, I am most certain that SOMEONE or SOMETHING out there is using or selling that data. Do you care? You should.

Again… Why aren’t consumers fighting back? I am getting sued because my information was stolen, and floating around.. So.. Is that what its going to take? For the same thing to happen to the “wrong” person? This is ridiculous. What’s even worse? Why am I the ONLY one reporting these BREACHES? I feel like they are brushing this off on the NEWS as “No big deal” but it really.. Truly.. Is. So sad..


When Donald J Trump calls out journalists.. Stating “fake news” I am most certain this is the kind of shit he’s referring to. Where are the reporters? Why is King Craig James (a musical artist) on top of stories that affect MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people? Why will this appear on MY radio show and not the others out there? Perhaps.. It’s because I take online data, and privacy seriously. In fact, go read my terms, and privacy statements and agreements.

Listen people. We all love our little mobile devices, computers, tablets, and gaming systems. However, we need to start addressing this “breach” nonsense. This can affect the rest of our lives. Many, many companies out there are getting away with just “Whoops” we exposed your data to an unknown source.. I think they need to take more responsibility than that.