Deep Rest Required

I can’t stress how important it is to get deep rest… You almost have to just to survive this matrix. Yeah, that kind of rest that turns you from being an angry bear that hates the world.. To feeling happy, normal, and rested.. Let’s just say.. That’s where I am at. So.. Goodbye to allergies, and possible cold and flu.. I am ready to.. write. By the way.. I hope you liked that last blog, and if you felt like I was describing you.. Then you are in the right place. Since you are in the right place, so was I… Play that video below until it reaches about 3:16 and you’ll discover that two legends were in the same place.

I am at a point in my life where I am entering the matrix, and surrounding myself by the people that relate to me. People who are real, seek truth, and have mad skills. So when I found the “IAM” channel by J-Kris.. I was excited to see someone talking about the subjects that I personally study. Yeah, that border between conspiracy and truth.. Another favorite is Jacob Israel.. They often discuss.. The Mandela Effect, Mud Flooding, Time shifting, and other inter dimensional shit like that. I have many other favorite channels, but I am starting to find communities of people that directly relate to me at my source… Not just my brand and id. So, that’s a good thing.


Now that I have entered the “Live Stream” thing.. I am coming up with my own style on how I want to do the shows. That way.. I can keep them as original as possible.. I need to take a little break from that. I got some unresolved problems in my life right now that I need to address.. But first.. I want to address mr J-Kris himself, and “Baby Bling” at broadcast music INC.. For starters.. “J-Kris” from the IAM channel.. has been welcoming me to the live streams when I am there. I definitely appreciate that.. I also appreciate “Baby Bling” from B.M.I. letting me know she liked one of my comments on linkedin. So thanks guys..

Those two things seem so simple, but really made my day. So while it’s great to be AWAKE… I must say that deep rest is equally important.. Especially if you’re out here battling demons on a daily.

Anyways, thank you for allowing EMBEDDING J Kris 444. Check out his channel here. I hope you guys take the time to check out his live streams. They are great. So.. That’s the news for this Sunday. KCJ signing off.