Life happens

When you are King Craig James..

Life happens faster, stronger, and harder than it does for others. One minute things can be smooth sailing, the next.. We’re storming out of the castle because some people have so much HATE in their hearts… Why? Because of the JEALOUSY, ENVY, and LOVE other people have for team KCJ. People seem to find joy in trying to make KCJ fail. Good luck with that. Our team is strong.


You know you’re in a bad situation when the people around you are actually pulling stunts, trickery, and motions that will inevitably lead to your failure. Threats, Extortion, Fraud.. Nonsense.. My Daddy has done it. My Momma has done it. My sister has done it. I am sure others are lurking in the background. They refuse to accept that people out there LOVE King Craig James. So KCJ is constantly being challenged, tested, and slandered. Have you ever had someone create an unsolvable problem for you? Then cut off your avenues to success for no reason? Yeah, I have had a lot of that lately. Why is it that every time I make a dime, I get swarmed by people who want to make 25 cents? The answer: They want to see you fail.


People who care about you, and love you will build you up.. They will not cause you to fall.. So if you are around someone causing you to fall. Perhaps you should surround yourself by people who make you feel at home.. Team KCJ has people all over the globe that keep us afloat. That’s the passion of our listeners, readers, friends, fans, and associates. I wish I could say that about my biological family right now. While my KCJ family may be strong… My biological family is a mess. I can only say that I am praying they can find God, and reach sobriety some day. If you don’t have a clean mind, you can’t be a clean person. You also can’t have a clean heart. Are you holding on to that jealousy, rage, and anger? Why? Because you’re not me? Then be me.

So.. If you are out there slandering the King Craig James empire with your nonsense. Perhaps you are too focused on my own success, to build any for yourself. If you’re out there trying to invoke a downward spiral for KCJ… Perhaps.. it’s because you are already in a downward spiral of your own. If you are out there hating KCJ because he’s got love all over the world.. Perhaps it’s because you get no love at all. Life happens. Go get one. You are the only ones hating us, back stabbing us, and trying to get us to fail. You aren’t my family. You are the most disappointing people I know. You don’t deserve my attention, care, or support. Fuck you.