Soul Food


The best thing a human being could do every single morning.. Is sit down, and write a blog. Yeah, I said it. BLOG. Nothing closes off the previous day, and launches a new day by expressing thought. The question is.. Are our thoughts even originally ours? Who knows? So, with that being said. Let’s begin this BLOG. My life is a never ending rollercoaster of fun.. So let’s talk about it.

Jacqueline’s birthday is coming up, and I wanted to show my love, and appreciation for her by getting her the iPhone 11. I think she’s pretty excited about it. I know I am. We have been getting scammed by this old at&t phone for the past year and a half. So I would like to say farewell to the scammers out there. Speaking of scammers.. Yeah, I got some in my family. They like to pretend to help out, and change their mind later.. You know.. build you up, just to beat you down later.. They lie a lot. They believe their own lies. I have been doing some thinking about them.. Perhaps they need a goodbye too. We’re kind of tired of it. So what have we been up to? Surrounding ourselves by the people who love us, and the people we love. As usual. Our life will NEVER be as empty as yours. Just saying.


Jacqueline and I have become good at adapting to our surroundings. Sometimes, it truly feels like we’re stuck in the Matrix. When you get to know her, you will discover that she is truly an awesome person. Those aren’t my words though.. Those came from Michelle, one of her co-workers. I am also her co-worker, and Jacqueline is an amazing part of TEAM KCJ. The sad part about her being in my life for the past two years.. Is how my family treats her.. They treat her like a stranger, a gold digger, and hate the very fact that she supports my goals, dreams, and everything I do. I take the lead, and she follows. We simply have a system that works. I tend to have good luck in my relationships with people, but that’s because I am empathetic, and know how to treat them.. Do you? Yeah, some people need work there.


I got a selfish family that actually thinks people are interested in them. The truth is, those people are interested in us. Yeah, just as interested as you are. Don’t worry. Without us around you won’t be focusing on how great we are, and hating us so much. you’re having all this “bad luck” with your phones, computers, internet, and life.. Perhaps it's because my people know that you treat us like shit. That’s probably that thing called KARMA. I hate to say it, but I don’t feel that bad for people who deserve the shit that happens to them. Especially when they go around blaming innocent people who don’t have any time, knowledge, or interest in their problems. I say it all the time, but if you’re not on my team.. You probably have a lot more problems then resolutions. You don’t have to push me away.. I don’t WANT to be around a bunch of frauds, scumbags, cheats, or junkies. I think there’s enough of them in this world. Go seek God.


Friends? Yeah, I got a lot of them. My own family wouldn’t know this… because they never took the time to know me.. or Jacqueline. That’s sad.. Really. You’re the ones that are supposed to know me the best. However, you fail at that.. Every single time. People rarely question my humanity, but I know a lot of people who have questioned yours throughout my life. People never question my sanity.. Again… They got the questions piled up for you.. Funny thing is.. You both spend so much time in front of those portable mirrors, but yet… Cant even see yourselves.. Sad. The only one with her head on straight is my aging grandmother.. Though, that’s always been true. The only thing I wonder is how can people work in a hospital so long with so little empathy? Let’s face it. Your selfish, greedy, and toxic. Everyone knows it. That’s why you’re alone, and I am not. End of blog.