Day 1

Welcome back to the King Craig James empire.


I have some great news. As always, the legacy will go on. I have secured some funding for my endeavors. So what does that mean? Well, I will be a little busy this month, but all in all. I think I will be much more positive, and happier as a person. I am going to keep this article short and sweet.

I am pleased to announce that today I will begin my journey with a new company. I have said my goodbyes to Amazon, and parted ways. So it’s time to begin my day 1 training. Let’s just say.. I am excited. I am really looking forward to meeting a bunch of new people, and getting an inside look at what I will be doing from now on.

With that being said, wish me luck. I will be back this weekend, with a few new crown cast episodes, and perhaps a longer blog.

King Craig James