Happy Tuesday

Hello everyone. I have had a very busy couple of weeks. I hope everyone had a chance to listen to the latest episodes of the “Crown Cast.” I had a lot of fun recording them. I am starting to promote the show, and I am getting very positive reviews. I am honored to have so many people out there engaging my content.

I have performed some updates to the website. I have provided links to the podcasts “Google Play” So if you’re a subscriber, be sure to check it out on Google Play. I have also made some changes to the layout of the website, and added some photos. I have also updated my LinkedIn, and Facebook pages. I apologize for anyone who sends me friend requests and I haven’t responded. Check out the last blog, I am not the kind of guy hunting likes, followers, and friends. I will respond to messages/calls though.

I am still working on the online store. I have tested the “sign in” process, and everything is secure and working great. I will start with a few song downloads, and go from there. It should be online by Black Friday. The store won’t be completely full until 2019.. I have to design some new products before I post them. I am still debating whether or not I will list some of the 3D prints for sale. They seem to be a favorite among my friends, and family. Either way, The King Craig James brand Is growing. Our presence is strong.

Speaking of brand. You will now find a “services” link under the “BRAND” navigation. So who is this for? Anyone who needs some professional help with their own projects. Can you afford it? Well.. Given my level of expertise, I won’t be helping out just anyone. My time is pretty valuable, so I usually offer services on a case by case basis privately. If you have a project that you’re taking seriously, I will certainly do the same. Contact me.

Well that’s all for now. I got more work to do. I will be heavily promoting the brand for the next few months. I will do my best to keep everything updated. Enjoy.