T.T.T. Teamwork?


A true leader in my eyes.. Is one that can take in someone from another team, and look out for them like one of their own.. While still leading their own. As if we’re all one big team. For they see the bigger picture. Like I do. It could be raining fire, and they will stay positive.. and keep you positive.. When you are struggling they will help out. When there’s troubled water.. They’ll be the bridge. If they foresee nonsence they will warn you. Just ask my co-host about it.

I don’t think this “setting people up for failure” belongs in the Amazon culture at all. Sadly, it’s like they’re inventing new ways of doing so. Mark my words. The latest is called, “T.T.T.” Ask a picker about it. I see far too much “bear trapping” at MKE. I am not the only one. Though, I hope to be the voice loud enough to spark the debate about it. Especially when that first TTT write up comes along, and gets someone T.T.Terminated.


But hey, What do I know? Oh Yeah, this is coming from a man who has been beta testing the IOS app for months.. It’s coming from a man who hosts AMAZON ADS on his own website. It’s coming from a man who’s got his own UPC’s and ASINS listed in the AMAZON music store. It’s got me thinking.. Who’s really the voice of the business around here? My experience will TRUMP any plaque or degree.

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with doing everything by the books.. To a degree.. Unless those books and the fine print are sabatoging peoples dignity, soul, and work ethic. I dont know about the rest of you out there. I DO have a backbone. I will DISAGREE, and COMMIT. I am BIAS for ACTION. So when it’s time to let you have it, I will not hold back. I realized that today on my quiet time before I started working. Funny how I once had no idea what that shit meant. Here’s the good news.. I do now.


Part of the luxury of coming in for VET, and being well trained.. is getting to experience different kinds of “leadership”. I dont know any other way to word it.. So.. I will be straight forward.. It seems to me that here’s a true war going on between good and evil. I have seen it in every path, in every department, and every “mod”. One team screwing people over, another picking you back up.. Lately, I feel like the good ones got my teams back. So.. We should be good.. Right? Wrong.

I am tired of ranting about problems that shouldn’t be happening, situations that infuriate me, and shaming so much stupidity. I would much rather talk about the GOOD I see. The good others see. I hear you loud and clearly, and so does my team. I had to delete the blog “go float yourself” because I spent too much time focused on negative shit. Very true negative shit. Perhaps I will re-write it, and re post it. I know who’s on my team, and my team is growing. Rapidly.

King Craig James