Login Enabled

Most of you know who I am.


I think the best part about being King Craig James, is knowing who YOU are. That’s why I have enabled the “login” feature. You are now able to create an account on KingCraigJames.Com. Go ahead, try it out. Tap or Click HERE to begin.

The reason I have enabled the login feature is to find out who’s really tuned into King Craig James. That’s right. I am kicking ass and taking names.

In the future. Having an account will make it easy for you to order, download, and subscribe to future things. For now, it just helps me get an idea of who my real friends, fans, readers, and associates are.

You are NOT required to enter your address, or billing info at this time. However, when the store launches it will help keep track of past orders and such. This is an important step for the King Craig James brand. I am looking forward to seeing new members join.

I have also placed an option to subscribe to a mailing list and the podcasts. This way, you can stay up to date with all the latest content from King Craig James.

Thanks for your support.

-King Craig James

King Craig James