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King Craig James

King Craig James

An introduction to the EMPIRE



We are a trusted source of NEWS. Our articles are read by thousands of subscribers just like YOU. We focus on covering everything from SCAMS, ETHICS, TRENDS, and of course everything King Craig James. We update our news section regularly with articles dedicated to YOU.. The readers.


King Craig James music is available on all of the most popular download and streaming sites, and apps worldwide. Places like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube, and Deezer. You can be sure to find our music ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE music is available.


Go ahead. Just ask ALEXA or SIRI to play the “CROWN CAST PODCAST” to hear the most incredible radio show in the world. With King Craig James as the HOST, and Jacqueline Jeanette as the CO-HOST, we make sure to deliver fun, laughter, and excitement to YOU, our listeners.


Imagine a brand that can customize just about ANYTHING, and EVERYTHING for YOURS. That’s what the King Craig James brand is all about. Not to mention, we have hundreds of products designed for our readers, listeners, friends, and FANS.


Our services are extensive. From music production, video production, to 3D modeling, and printing.We strive to ensure that YOU get the finest quality, the best service, at the lowest price. Let us be YOUR source to creating that perfect project.

Team KCJ

Meet our team



King Craig James is a musical artist, producer, radio host, author, and brand name of custom merchandise.

His music can be found on Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Youtube, Spotify, iHeart, Slacker, Pandora, and anywhere else music can be streamed.



Jacqueline Jeanette is the co-host of the infamous radio show called, “Crown Cast.” She’s also an aspiring author, and best friend of King Craig James.

She can be found on Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Podbox, Pocket Casts, and Player FM, and anywhere else podcast radio can be streamed.